Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday 19th February 2011

I love Saturday.  I think it must be absolutely my favourite day of the week for a number of reasons.  Unless I’ve had some sort of mental episode and arranged to be doing something very early, there’s never an alarm going off while it’s still dark outside.  I don’t need to rush around the house and get ready, even if the kids are coming for the weekend.

My Saturday started properly at about midday.  For those of you that think that’s lazy, you’re right but I would refer you back to my opening paragraph.  Cat was going out shopping with her mum this morning and had arranged to meet her at half nine.  When she told me that, I think my response was something like “well, go out quietly then”.  So I got up, faffed around for a little while and then made some coffee.

People that know me think I drink too much coffee.  For the record, I disagree.  When I’m at work, I will generally drink my way through 2 cafetiere loads each day which equates to about six mugs.  I also have a cafetiere in the house but I got sick of drinking cold coffee so I invested in a coffee machine just before Christmas.  I say “invested”: Cat and I used to do all our shopping in Sainsbury’s and had managed to amass about 18,000 nectar points, so I used some of those.  Now I’ve got a coffee machine that will keep the coffee hot for 2 hours, which is plenty of time for me to drink the contents of the jug!  Even if the machine does go off, the jug holds the heat for quite a while so it’s all good.  The point is though, I don’t have trouble sleeping (sometimes have trouble waking up though) and I don’t get the shakes, so am I really drinking too much?  Ironically, I can’t abide espresso – it’s way too strong for me, in fact to me it seems like consuming those 3 mugs of coffee in a single small cup.  One thing I will say is this: if I go a full day without a single cup of coffee, I risk a full-on migraine.  Last Friday I was off work, so I got up early and went to the gym after dropping Cat at work.  By the time I got home it was gone two, so I sat down to watch TV.  Next thing I knew it was 7 o’clock.  I’d caffeine crashed, and lost the afternoon on the couch.  So maybe I am an addict.  There’re worse things to be addicted to in my opinion.

So, I drank my first cup of coffee and was about half way through the second when Cat came in with her mum, and a box from IKEA.  I knew she was going to buy a chest of drawers, but the bedside cabinet I didn’t know about.  Anyway, Tina stayed for about an hour and then we took her to the station.

Once we got back up to the house, I lifted the chest of drawers out of the car and set about building it.  If you’ve never built IKEA furniture before, it can be a nuisance to do.  If you’re over 25, you might remember what a nuisance MFI furniture way.  If you’re not, ask your parents.  To me, IKEA is just MFI for the 21st century, the only difference being that instead of giving you instructions in very poorly-written English, they give you diagrams that don’t really help.

Halfway through building the chest of drawers, I broke one of the struts.  Not badly, but enough to render it useless so I had to jump in the car and get a replacement.  Little did I know that the replacement she gave me wasn’t exactly the same.  Bugger going back there though.

In the event, we now have a chest of drawers and a bedside cabinet.  Next  month, we’ll buy another one of each so we’ve got one each.

This evening I’ve found a pub.  Being fair, it’s not difficult.  Not sure if I’ll make it my regular but if I want to go out for a pint in Airdrie, I now have a location.  The staff and regulars seem nice, as did the girl hosting the karaoke.  I mean really, how long did you think it would be before I found a karaoke place in Airdrie eh?

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