Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday18th February 2011


I had a better day today.  Maybe part of that was because it’s Friday: even though I’m on-call this weekend and can’t therefore get up to any sort of mischief (not that I could afford to anyway), there’s a lot to be said for the knowledge that no alarm is going off at 5:45 tomorrow morning.  Unless I get called that is!

I managed to sort out one of the things that pissed me off yesterday.  I’m still not going to bore you with the details of why I was having such a bad day – all of the things that annoyed me were trivial, not to say petty.  Some of them were also my fault which actually makes them worse – I could have avoided spilling coffee down my new silk tie on the train yesterday morning by being more careful, or just not taking the damned coffee on the train in the first place. 

Some of the things that pissed me off yesterday were people, some of them based in the building I work in, some of them not.  Oddly, the guy in my building that pissed me off is easier to avoid than the girl that works 400+ miles away.  The girl that annoyed me yesterday did it again today but this time I had a word with someone who had a word with someone else and just after lunch I received an email apology from her.  So it’s over, at least for now.

I still can’t put my finger on why I’m in such a downer right now: we’ve got a new flat that we’re really pleased with, two new cats that are just adorable (see yesterday’s post for pictures) and I’m engaged to an amazing girl who’s completely managed to u-turn my idea of marriage.  We don’t have any reason to go anywhere or be with anyone this weekend so there’s no pressure and I’ve also got a boss who’s adamant that despite my horrendous workload, I shouldn’t be working any longer than absolutely necessary in order to get a job done.

To say I can be a moody bastard would be an understatement, although I’ve been known to deny it when other folk have said it.  It’s true though: I inherited a lot of genetic similarities from my late father and as I get older, I can spot more and more of them.  The biggest ones that I seem to have picked up are moodiness and a ridiculously short temper.  Not violent, just noisy.  I always knew dad and I were temperamentally very similar, but it frightens me sometimes just how much. 

I’m skating around the D word, because as soon as you start talking about being depressed, people start substituting depressed for depression which in turn means you should be taking some sort of medication.  I am depressed, but I do not have and never have I had depression, even in the darkest periods of my life.  So there! Smile

I can’t even claim to be badly off, although I CAN claim to being rather strapped for cash this month.  Yet again I’ve managed to get through the horribly long month of January without being too bad for money, and yet the shortest year of the month saw me skint by the 10th.  How does that work exactly?

Companies on my List

The Permanent List

I’ve decided to start a new feature.  Every time I write this column I’m going to “out” any companies that have annoyed me enough to make it onto my List.  There isn’t an actual List you understand, but believe me you don’t want to end up on it.  Just to get the ball rolling, be aware that certain companies retain honorary lifetime membership of the List.  They are:

  • BT – anyone who’s ever found themselves trying to get money back from these people when they’ve been overcharged will understand how frustrating it is;
  • TalkTalk: I got a phone call from one of their call-centres one Saturday afternoon about a year ago.  On my landline which is unusual because I never give that number out.  When I explained that I wasn’t interested, the guy told me that I should listen because (and I quote) “I know where you live buddy!”.  I’ve never dealt with TalkTalk but I did make the mistake of giving my landline number to their parent company (The Carphone Warehouse) when purchasing a mobile phone contract.  Last time I’ll do that!

The Temporary List

I went out in Glasgow two weeks ago for a night of fairly heavy drinking with friends, believing that I could get a bus back home to Airdrie at closing time (midnight).  I believed this because the website of the largest bus operator in the city told me this.  What it didn’t tell me was that I’d have to wait for two hours for a bus to turn up, only for the bastard driving it not to stop to pick anyone up.  Even when I ran down the street after him (always a clever trick in Caterpillar boots) he wouldn’t stop.  So, First Bus, welcome to my List.  You’ll need to do something really special to avoid being promoted to the Permanent List.  Bankruptcy should about do it!

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